Saturday, July 28, 2007

First Time Blogging

This will be my first attempt at doing a blog, so please bear with me. Let me introduce myself. I am Mary Ann and I live in Florida. I crochet for fun, charity and profit. I usually have a crochet hook in my hand. I also do a little knitting. I enjoy reading when I can put my hook down. I have 3 step children and 6 to whom I gave birth. They range in age from 41 to 19, 4 boys and 5 girls. I belong to two craft groups in my area, one of which I'm the leader.

I belong to a charity group for Munroe Regional Hospital in Ocala that provides boxes of layettes to babies born to the midwives. All items are either hand made, such as blankets, receiving blankets, sweater sets, etc., or newly purchases, such as onsies and pampers. We met about every 3 months to pack boxes that are then given to the newborn's mother.

I am also a Red Hatter. My name at the club is the Countess of Crochet. It's a very nice group of women who get together and do something at least once a month.

Also I'm involved with the local historical society, having recently been elected the treasurer. We are busy trying to raise money to restore the Civic League Bldg. that was built around 1912.

And last but far from least, I'm going to Weight Watchers.

Guess that about covers who I am.

1 comment:

Aunt Kathy said...

MaryAnn you have a blog. You are gonna be so hooked. I really look forward to updating and putting neat things on mine, I look at all the blogs I can and get most of my ideas from there.

By the way there were 25 dishcloths in the picture. I actually made 6 more but never re-took the photo.

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