Friday, September 7, 2007

Yes, there are nice people!

Sometimes don't you wonder where the nice people are? Well I found one today. I was at the mall with my dd and had just gone out to her friends car to get something. We had gone out the employee exit, so we went back in the same way. As I was entering, my foot caught and I fell. My left ankle turned and down I went on my right knee which has been sore. So there I sat! Feeling really dumb and trying to figure out if I could get up. My dd is a small thing, but strong. As we were trying to decide the best way for me to get up, a very nice lady came over and offered her help. She told us that she had to help her mother up all the time. I got on my knees and she told my dd to grab under my arm, while she did the same on the other side. Easy as could be, up I went feeling very embarrased! I thanked her, and she said no need.

Yes the nice people are here when you need them!! Thank God for that!

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Aunt Kathy said...

Yes MaryAnn, I firmly believe that God cares for His own, and we reap what we sow. You are always giving and ready to help and therefore you are rewarded with the same kindness.

By the way I like your self portrait painting, almost as much as mine, lol. I like mine a little better cause it came out pink and we all know I love PINK, lol.

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