Thursday, March 27, 2008

Friends Day

I have designated today as Friends Day! I'm sure some greeting card company has another day in mind, but today is my Friends Day. After getting up this morning, I realized that there was a message on my phone. Upon checking it, I discovered that it was a friend of mine from the Historical Society calling to check on how I was feeling. She's a sweet older woman, who instantly became a friend of mine at the society in spite of my outspoken nature. With that in mind, I instantly returned her call. How sweet of her to think of me! This is the second or third time she's called me since I've been sick.

Then I got to thinking. My friend Barbara is having knee surgury today, and another ONLINE friend of mine has been sick. I had told my online friend that I'd be calling her today, so after another cup of coffee I called her. I'm so happy I did because she just sounded so stuffed up and not really good. Of course, she had many excuses for not going to the dr. today. One of them being knitting squares!! lol I didn't push it, but made her promise that if she starts hacking up green or yellow she will see a doctor right away! Someone has to learn from my experience this month! If I had done what I told her to do I probably would have felt better last week! But no! I was just fighting the flu or a cold or something! Never mind that my temp went to 103 and I was shaking with cold so bad that I couldn't move! Or the fact that I kept coughing so hard that I almost passed out and saw green or yellow everytime I cleared the crap out of my throat! (sorry if that's too graphic, but it was nasty!!) But I was FINE! I just needed more medicine, rest, fluids and a good back rub! How stupid can one person get? Answer: Pretty darn stupid!!

After chatting with my friend for what must have been at least 2 hrs, I decided to call a new online friend who I've been dying to talk to in person. We've been reading each others blogs and sending emails, but it was time to meet in person! She very kindly sent me her phone number so I programed it into my phone and dialed! I had emailed her that I would probably call her today, but had no idea if she'd read it or not. She was very happy to recieve my call, and as I expected, we had a lot of ideas and other things in common. Isn't it nice when you find someone like that? I think so. We chatted like old friends for over 2 hours, and then my dh started making noises like he wanted some attention. She totally understood, so I hung up to give him what he craved. Attention from me!!

Even though I felt tired, I couldn't stand the bathroom floor another minute, so I decided to play housekeeper and clean it. Now I can sit and not fret!! lol I didn't clean the tub, but I can close the curtain so I can't see that! The floor is another matter all together!

So what happens when I sit down with my yogurt and water? My dd calles! Again with the phone! She was all upset because someone had hacked into her pay pal account and ran up bills of over $800!! She notified pay pal right away and they've flagged her account, but there's nothing more she can do until the stuff goes through. Then she can get her money back. She's notified her bank, but they can't do anything right now either! Poor kid works two jobs to keep her head above water and then someone does this to her! That stinks big time!!

I just get off the phone with her, and it rings again! My ear is burning by now and I'm wondering if I really want to pick up the phone. Then I'm wondering if there is something I can put between my ear and the phone to stop the burning and bring feeling back into my hand and arm which are hurting even though I've kept switching hands! I couldn't resist, so I answered the phone, which was a call from my stepson who is in Ill. on a job. He lives with his family in Georgia! He told me that it was snowing there and that he will be going home tomorrow. I assured him that his wife would be happy. He informed me that she had a bunch of jobs ready for him to tackle when he got back! LOL Serves him right for being away so much, not that he can avoid it because it's his job; but you know what I mean, right? He didn't keep me on the phone as long as he usually does because he said he was on a lunch break. Thank goodness, because I couldn't have taken much more!

As I'm fixing dinner, the PHONE RINGS AGAIN!! This time it's my friend Deb who is on her way to Home Depot and wanted company for the ride! Hopefully this will be my last call for the night!!

When I went on Ravelry to check things, I found a note to my inbox from yet another new friend that I have made online. She seems so nice. Well, she informed me that she had some sock yarn that she had bought and would like to share with me!! Imagine my surprise! I hardly know this nice person and she's offering me yarn!! That's like gold to me! I told her that if she was very sure that she wanted to share I would accept her wonderful offer! So I sent her my address.

Aren't friends great? I don't know what I would do without all of my wonderful friends, both the ones in person and my online ones. My friends who live near me, called and checked on me the whole time I was sick. My online friends left messages wherever they could telling me that they hoped I felt better. What a wonderful medicine! Friendship!

That's why I'm calling today Friends Day! I love my friends and I hope that I'm as good a friend to them as they are to me! God Bless You All!


Aunt Kathy said...

Wow Mary Ann, I can't believe you8 have an online friend who won't take your well given advise, she must have
brain damage or something... oh wait it's me isn't it. Then she definitely has brain damage, LOL

Don't worry I promise to call the DR if it gets worse or really chartreuse looking, lol.

I learned that word watching Blues Clues with Adam, lol

kadezmom said...

Mary Ann ~

What an awesome day.

I order you to knit/crochet today and relax to Sunday repeats THIS weekend!

BTW - dd2 LOVES your fiberoptic flowers up top on the blog. Now THAT's a compliment!

Anonymous said...

Love your star how do you make it.

You have been tagged. Read my blog.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your recent visit. I guess we are very similar in tastes. And yes, please post the pattern here. It is lovely.

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