Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Interesting Easter

I hope all of you had a wonderful Easter. Mine turned out very interesting!

On Friday, Becca came and took me to my weigh in for Weight Watchers. I hadn't gone last week because I was sick. I was sure that I had probably gained, but I was wrong! I went down 2.8 pounds!! Yipee!! I've gone from 248 in Jan 07 to 191 now!! Someday I'll reach my goal! But I digress. After the WI my wonderful daughter took me to Applebee's for lunch. We were celebrating her b'day (March 4th) and my loss! We had a wonderful time. Then we were going to WalMart then to her place to the gym. When we got to WalMart and started walking, I started losing my breath. I had thought that I was better, but apparently I was wrong! Becca decided that the gym idea was out, so we went to her apartment and she showed me the new clothes she had purchased for her new job at Sears. Then we took the long way home because it was such a beautiful day. I thought for sure that I'd sleep well that night, but once again I was wrong.

On Saturday, I got up late after finally falling asleep early that morning. I kind of went around in a fog all day. Another sleepless night. Easter Sunday, Denise and Tim showed up around noon and went to Taco Bell for food. I had a London broil marinating for dinner. Denise had decided on Satuday that she was going to make hard boiled eggs to decorate on Sunday. When she put them on to boil at home, she had fallen asleep. When she woke up, the eggs were boiled and some had lost their shells while others had cracked! LOL So she brought them over and decided to make deviled eggs instead. She's such a riot! Becca and J got here around 4:30 for dinner. We had been watching a movie, and I had just started peeling potatoes! After dinner we all watched Michael Clayton with George Clooney. It was very good, but as I was watching I realized that it was becoming hard for me to breath. This was not good! I managed to make it to the end of the movie, then asked Becca to take me to the emergency room. I had no inhaler or any meds to help me, so I had to go there.

Driving up in the car, we had the ac blasting so that I could get air. When I got to the hospital, my breathing was better. I got taken to the back within a half hour! Then a guy named Chris came to give me a breathing treatment. Becca commented that I was smoking a pipe, to which I replyed that it was a bong and my drug of choice which was legal!! lol We were both laughing, and so was the nurse who told me to stop and start using the machine. I think the lack of oxagen to my brain was affecting me. When the treatment was over, I sat and sat and sat. Finally my drug dealer Chris came back with another treatment! When I was done with that one, they took me back to a room where a nurse came in and introduced herself. She said the dr would be there shortly. Then my dealer returned with another treatment. (that's 3 in case you've lost count). I just finished it and the dr came in to see me. He was a very pleasant Asian man, Dr. Millana. He said he wanted x-rays and blood work done before deciding treatment. Back came my dealer with yet another inhaler cocktail for me. This one had a little something extra added to it. While taking this treatment, the nurse came in and proceeded to put a small iv needle into the top of my right hand. She said that she was going to take blood and give me some meds. Becca left the room while she was doing this because needles make her faint and we figured one patient at a time was better than two! Finally the x-ray came to see me and took one picture and was gone. My butt was getting sore from sitting on this bed. I wanted to get moving, but then the dr came in and said that pnemonia had showed up in my right lung. He wanted me to have an iv of antibiotics! Back came Norma, the nurse, with a bag to hook up to the needle in my hand. She said it would take about an hour for it all to get done. So Becca decided to take J home so that he could get some sleep. Then she could pick up her truck. She had driven Denise's car to the hospital, and they had left J's car at the house. So they had to drive back, drop of Denise's car, pick up his car, go back to their apartment and then she would get her truck and come back to the hospital. Did I confuse anyone on that one? lol While she was dropping off her sisters car, she got me a diet soda and left a note for her dad who she assumed was asleep. Before she got back, Norma brought me a soda because the meds were giving me a bad taste in my mouth. Then Becca showed up with my Chocolate Cherry Diet Dr. Pepper! So of course I drank that too! Now I really had a problem because I had to go to tinkle really really badly! I had all I could do to sit there for another half hour while the iv finished! Dr. Millana came back and told me that I had pnemonia still in my right lung, but my blood work was good so he would let me go home!! Thank God!! He gave me a prescription for antibiotics and an inhaler and told me to get a recheck with my dr. When the nurse came back to take out the iv, she had Becca sign the paper work because I told her it was tinkle time. She said that I had suffered long enough and told me where the bathroom was! LOL All in all, the stay there wasn't so bad. I did have a tv to keep me company and pass the time. I can't really tell you what was on because I was so tired.

Becca stopped by her place and changed into her pj's and packed a bag to bring to the house. She was spending the night! Then she took me to get an iced coffee and home we came. When I went in to go to bed, my dh was awake, much to my surprise. He had been so worried that he made himself sick. Becca stayed all day Monday and even made dinner. She's such a sweetie! Denise texted me during the day and then stopped by on her way to her second job! Told me to call her if I needed ANYTHING! She's a sweetie too!

Today I'm feeling so much better that I went to my Tuesday craft club where I was greeted with Welcome back, how are you feeling? by everyone! How nice!

So at least now I know why I was so tired all the time and why my asthma kept acting up. I told Becca that they wouldn't keep me at the hospital because I was only sick in one lung, not both! She called me a dork and laughed, but I was serious!!

Since I had scared myself, I thought about my new friend Aunt Kathy, and decided that I needed to call her to make sure that she was ok. I don't want anyone to be sick like me! She promised to call the dr if she isn't feeling better by Wed, and I'm planning on making sure she does!

Enjoy the rest of your day! I'm going to take a nap now! LOL


Lil Knitter said...

You actually made a trip to the ER a funny read. But, seriously...I'm glad you got there when you did. My Mom is getting over that nasty stuff too. Glad you caught it early. And I'm so very glad you're staying on Aunt Kathy about being sick. She needs to get better! I want you all around for a long time to come.

kadezmom said...

Okay, Mary Ann...this is mostly about you, however, since you're not planning on driving to NY to make SURE AK calls the dr, nor will she give the the NAME of her dr (yep, she fully knows/believes that I'll call and make her an appt)...so good luck with that.

That sucks about Easter, yet you and the "dealer" too funny. I was laughing out loud!!!!! And you're in the hosp Sun and out running to craft groups on Tuesday, and you've lost a LOT of weight in a little over a year. Wow. I am very impressed. Humbled. And a bunch of other adjectives.

Now. I'm going to eat humble pie, get embarrased and ask how long that flower hot pad has been on your site. For some unknown reason, it caught my eye tonight. I love it!!!

Okay, there's some car idle-ing (that didn't look right no matter what I did with it) with it's rpms way too high outside my window. Time to go investigate!

Aunt Kathy said...

Okay Okay I get the message. LOL

If I'm not better by ??? I'll call the DR

Oh and Shelly his name is Dr McDreamy, LOL

Maryann it was wonderful talking to you and I am so blessed to have a friend like you to care about me. Thanks. I am glad you were able to get the meds to get yourself better, we want you around a long time too

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