Saturday, April 5, 2008

Bad things happen to good people

As I was reading a blog a minute ago, I once again wondered why do bad things happen to good people? It seems that if you have a good heart and a giving spirit, bad things come your way. Not to say that it doesn't happen to people who aren't so nice, but don't you think they kind of bring it on themselves? I mean, if you're doing drugs, you can expect to go to jail or even maybe get shot! But what about the people who do no harm to anyone? The people who just live their lives loving their family and friends. I know someone like that who just lost everything she'd been saving to go to school by working two jobs, because someone hacked into her pay pal account! Why? Why would someone do something like that in the first place? Greed? No respect for other people's property? It just makes me so angry when I hear about these types of things. No matter what we do to try to protect ourselves, there seems to be an evil force (some might call it the devil) trying to make us fail.

On another note, today is a day filled with frustration so far. First of all, our refrigerator that the landlord just replaced isn't cold. The freezer works but the bottom part doesn't. The landlord contacted the guy she bought this used one from and he said he would be here by noon yesterday. Still haven't seen or heard from him, and the landlady says she stopped by and he's not there!! She's going to another place to get us one today. If dh was here, he would have said to just buy us a new one and quit fooling around with these used things! But he's not here, and I'm not feeling good enough to tell her something like that. Besides, she's being so nice about getting us a nice fridge! So now I'm waiting to hear from her about when they will be bringing us another one. My milk went bad, so I put my yogurts in the freezer! Now I have frozen yogurt! LOL Dh was upset because he bought cold beer that got warm in the fridge! Now that's a tragedy! hehe

On top of the frustration from above mentioned item, I went looking for burgundy, pink and black yarn that I was SURE I had in my stash. I found the black! No burgundy or pink! Here I have a chance to make some money and I don't have what I need to make the stuff! Rrrrrrrr!! Someone my daughter works with wants a stipped pair of fingerless mitts in black and pink. Then the vp of the historical society wants two flowered hot pads in burgundy. Hence the search! I'm thinking that I'm going to make at least $20, but no. It would be too easy to actually have what I need. As I've said before, bad things happen to good people, who in this case is me.

Also I'm back on medication because this stupid pnemonia hasn't cleared up. I'm coughing my lungs out and need a nice soothing massage because my ribs and back are so sore! I hate being sick! Nothing ever goes right! Dh did take me out to eat last night though so that I didn't have to cook. Bless his heart! He's been so sweet to me lately. He even told me that he would buy the yarn I need if I couldn't find it in my stash. I hate to spend money we need for bills on yarn to make me happy, but he offered!

I'm going back to the couch to see if I can sleep. I fell asleep after breakfast this morning, but coughing woke me up. I hate being sick! Did I say that before? Let me say it again. I HATE being sick!!

Landlady just came to the door. The guy is supposed to be here in at least 30 minutes to fix the fridge! He'd better be!! I'm not having a good day! Rrrrr!!


Aunt Kathy said...

Man Maryann, when it rains it pours huh? I tell you those online thieves really spook me too. I hope there is some way to get things fixed. Wow

Now listen... stay in bed and rest. And that's an order, I want you well already


kadezmom said...


No you are not.

Okay, hot bath, sleep, hot bath sleep, hot bath sleep.

I love ya woman, and hope you feel better soon. I wish I had words of comfort, but the bottom line is bad things happen. When I can pull my head out of my rear to remember that it really makes the good times look all the better it helps, I just usually forget to do so. I'm a gonna pray that this delay in her desires only bring a better reward to her. and double Grrrrrrrr. on stupid mean people.

Ganiggle said...

Awe, I hope you're feeling better now! I really like the butterfly graphic at the top of your blog, it's really pretty! Have a great day!

Nano said...

Wow... too much is going on around you, on top of you not feeling well. Just do your best to rest and try not to let it all get to you.

Though the bad stuff does happen, I really believe in karma and know good things are coming your way. Sometimes they're little things we don't really notice, but goodness pays off in the long run.

MarĂ­a said...

Take it easy honey,I hope you feel better soon(((hugs))))

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