Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Today's the day!

I haven't written anything for a little while so I decided that today's the day to do it! So much has been going on in my life that I just haven't had time to do all the things that I love to do like crocheting and knitting.

On Monday of last week, my youngest dd, Rebecca, ended up taking me to the emergency room because I couldn't breath. She had wanted me to go on Sunday night, but I wouldn't go because I'm stupid!! So in the morning, I called her and told her to come pick me up. As it turned out, they ended up keeping me. Just for the night, they said, to straighten out my breathing. Well, one day turned into two and before I knew it three days had passed. Since I was feeling better, I had my dd bring me my crocheting! I mean I was going crazy just sitting their with the boob tube going all day! Sure Becca and I were doing crosswords, word searches, jumbles, sudoku and such, but enough is enough already!! I had been working on a tapestry crochet kitty bag at home, so I told her to bring it to me. I got it finished and started another one. ( Pictures will come as soon as she takes them for me. Promise). Finally on Friday, around dinner time, they released me to come home.

Now I'm not saying that a hospital stay is pleasant, however I have to say that I almost enjoyed my visit there. I got great tasting food, that I didn't have to prepare. Someone gave me clean sheets everyday!! My friends called me to see how I was doing. ( I told them not to come visit because I would be going home the next day, and the next day, and the next day!!) Then both of my youngest dd's were with me every evening along with my husband. We had family hours!! It was fun, honest! There were volunteers who if I ran my bell, were at my beck and call. If I wanted hot water to make tea, they got it for me. They brought me a newspaper in the morning, and also more coffee if I wanted it. Life wasn't all that bad if you want to know the truth!! On top of all of this, I had a beautiful view out of my window. The sun came in in the morning, just brightening up the whole place, and in the evening the sunset was to die for!!

Here's a part that's really nice. SAM!! He was the nurse on duty on the Friday that I had to come home. He was young, with a big beautiful smile, dark wavy hair and big brown eyes! Nurse McDreamy!!! My dd was drooling!!! (so was I to be honest!) And such a nice personality to go with all of that! So of course, God in his infinite wisdom, sent me home, lest I be tempted! yeah, like that would happen! But he would have given me beautiful dreams! Hey, just because you get older doesn't mean the fire's out! don't tell my dh that!!

So today I got to go to my Tuesday craft club, which I missed last week due to my vacation at the hospital. I was totally and warmly amazed at how everyone, I repeat, everyone came up to me to welcome me back and see how I was doing and give warm wishes! I have some people who I consider friends there, but people who I didn't acted just like my friends did! It gave me the warm fuzzy feelings deep inside. Then one of my friends, who is learning to make jewlery there, put a necklace that she had just finished (photo later) around my neck. I thought she was just trying it on me to see how it would fit her. But then she told me to enjoy it!! How sweet of her!

Tomorrow I'll be going to the craft club that I lead. I've gotten cards, phone calls, emails from almost everyone in the club! I can't wait to see them all tomorrow. We have such a great time on Wednesday mornings. If you're ever in Belleview, you should come to visit us!! We're a great fun group of talented ladies!

Did I mention Ravelry? NO! How could I not do that? As soon as I got home I had to go there to check what was going on in my Fingerless Glove group! It's such a nice group of people that I've met there. I'm learning so much about knitting and yarn and differnt ways to do things. And now we're putting together a newsletter! They've dubed me a "writer". I don't know about all that, but I do thend to carry on sometimes, like today!!

I also belong to an entrelac group at Ravelry! So last night in all of my steroid drug glory, I decided to try doing the Quant pattern, which is a headband/scarf. They're saying on the boards that it's a good beginners project and once you get the hang of it, you can do it in a day or less! I got the first three squares done, but then I think I really messed up. But in true drug induced spirit, I kept going. Looking at it today, the front is on the back or something. I have no idea what I did wrong or right! So guess that's going to get frogged to start over. Maybe doing it while I'm taking this prednisone wasn't such a great idea, but I was feeling so creative!! Who knew?

Maybe another day, I'll tell you about the insane conversations of my family while visiting me at the hospital. There was some crazy stuff being tossed around, very funny. But I guess this is it for today! My ramblings are finished. Back to Ravelry I go! More blogs to check from the fingerless glove group!


Nano said...

I'm baaaaack...

What an adventure. I know your were feeling pretty lousy, but sounds like you made the best of it. Any pics of the handsome nurse? heheh.

Diane said...

I'm so glad everything is OK and you're home again! Hospitals sure are different these days. My mom was in the hospital last fall for a long long time, I was amazed how they brought her a menu to order food, lol!

Tracy said...

Too bad you had to be in a hospital, but nice to have a break, and look at a McDreamy. ;)

Hospitals drive me crazy because of the inactivity, I am glad you DD brought you something to work on.

kadezmom said...

Hey! Great to see you and your crazy-steroid wracked brain up and blogging and back to the clubs. Excellent.

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