Sunday, May 4, 2008

Frogging Bronte's Mitts

Since I was home alone this morning, I decided to work on the KAL that I'm doing with the fingerless glove group on Ravelry. We're all making Bronte's Mitts which are very pretty and a lacy design. For me this is a learning experience because there are techniques in the pattern that I've never done before, such as using waste yarn. I've had to research and read posts to know what everyone is talking about, but I have been learning new things. This is good.

I had started a glove using a #3 double pointed needle, which I discovered was the wrong size! It was supposed to be a #4!! Then there was the yarn that I was using. It didn't feel very soft to me and so I decided to look in my stash for a different yarn which I found this morning. So I frogged the first glove and started all over. The second time went much faster until I hit the lace part. This was part of the learning experience! I had to read the pattern correctly for it to turn out right. I thought I was doing this until I actually looked at my work. Then I discovered that somewhere in the first few rows I had made a mistake. I don't know what mistake I made, but I definitely made one! The design had started out straight, then was suddenly off to the side of the original design, sort of like a zig zag pattern! I thought about continuing, because it was coming out right now. But the perfectionist in me just couldn't do that! Darn!! So I had to frog about 10 rows, then pick up stitches that got dropped in the process. Thank goodness I've learned how to do that so that I didn't have to start from the beginning.

Now my glove is sitting on top of my bag waiting for my return. I'm afraid that if I start it now, my husband will come home right in the middle of the lace row and I'll lose my place. So I'm waiting. Either tonight, after he goes to bed or tomorrow morning, I'll pick it up again. At least I think I like this color yarn a little better. It's sort of a creamy white and will show the design beautifully, and I'll be able to wear them with anything! I thought of making them in a pale pink, but I don't own anything that I could wear them with if I did that color.

I've completed my entrelac project! I like it. Now I've got to figure out another project to do in it. I've almost completed a crocheted cable bag. I have a lining cut out, but haven't sewn it together yet. It's supposed to have store bought handles, but I think I'll crochet them since I don't have any cash right now and I actully prefer crocheted handles to hard ones.

I managed to take a walk yesterday after dinner. I haven't gone for a walk since I hurt my knee last September. Becca went with me, and I walked where I used to walk when I had first started my walking routine. My knee was slightly sore when I got home, but nothing that rest didn't help. I had been at the Historical Society's booth for Founder's Day yesterday morning. So I got some walking in there too.

Guess I'll go work on my dishcloth KAL. I just wrote down the directions for todays rows. I don't care if dh comes in while I'm working on that.

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Nano said...

Not that it helps, but you're not alone on the frogging of these mitts. I actually enjoyed this pattern, worked through some things I didn't know, VERY confidently finished my mitts. After weaving in ends, I noticed each cuff was different. So I'm in the process of redoing one cuff now.

BTW, your crochet work is pretty amazing.

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