Saturday, December 6, 2008

It's been a long time!

It's been quite awhile since I've posted here. I have been dealing with pnemonia, and haven't really felt up to doing anything on here!! Apparently I had this pnemonia when I was holding the craft fair, which would explain why I was coughing so darn much!! On the second day, when I went to pack up, I was coughing so hard that my daughter made me sit while she packed up my things.

I promised pictures of the craft fair, and thanks to my dear friend, I have them on a disk and can post them here. They're not really exciting, but you'll be able to meet my friends and see the diversity of crafts.
Me and my stuff

This was my stand.
This is my best friend, Kathleen. She does quilting and makes embroidered cards.

Kathleen's cards

This is Carolyn, who is a member of the club. She makes beautiful jewelry with silver and crystals. She also quilts.

Carolyn's jewelry

This is Shriley, Kay, and Betty. Shirley and Betty just started making jewelry, and Kay, who just joined our club, paints and does beautiful scrap quilts with embroidry.
shirley,kay, betty

This is Ethel who has been a member of the club for a long time. She is blind, but crochets and knits. She made everything in front of her. She makes beautiful things.

Ethel's things

Carol has just joined the Wednesday group. She, Betty, and Shirley has all come to join us from the Tuesday club that I belong to. Carol has been teaching the Tuesday club how to make jewelry. Her husband, who managed to avoid the camera, sold hot dogs and soft drinks for the fair.

Carol's jewlery

Laverne and Ethel, make a variety of differnt things. Both quilt also. Laverne makes the beautiful beaded Christmas tree, church and other beaded things. Georgeous!
Lavern and Elsie

There are more pictures on the Flickr page, but they're turned wrong, so I'm not posting them here.

Saturday, we had a pretty steady crowd, but Sunday was horrible! We did have a lot of fun though! Lots of lessons learned in case we want to do it again next year.


Aunt Kathy said...

Everything looks beautiful Mary Ann.

I am glad you are feeling better finally. You were missed.

Now take it easy... no more sick days, you hear?

kadezmom said...

Great to see you.

Hope you are on the mend.

Thanks for showing all those great crafts.

Nano said...

How wonderful! A lot of talented people showing off their fabulous goods.

Sadly, you never know how these things will turn out. But it's a learning experience.

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