Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Do you dress up for Halloween?

Today, we had a party at my Tuesday craft club. It was for Halloween. Since I wasn't feeling all that great, I opted not to try to figure out a costume. I also had to be there early to help get the table set and decorations around. I'm not very good anymore at costumes, but some of the ladies came in looking great. I actually thought that one of them was someone's husband! lol
When we lived in Virginia Beach, the neighborhood where we lived loved Halloween. All of the parents got involved in dressing up even if it was just to answer the door. It was great!

Tomorrow night, I'm going to be a witch at the Civic League Bldg, where the members of the historical society are going to hand out candy. We have a large cast iron caldron that we're filling with dry ice. It will be so much fun!

What are all of you doing for Halloween?

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