Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Things are coming together

As I've told you, I've been working with the vice president of the Historical Society on the Christmas Parade which is December 2nd. This week has been filled with trying to get that all together. I think we visited almost every thrift shop in the area looking for costumes for everyone to wear. Last night, we visited the man who is going to loan us his antique cars! They are beautiful! I'm so excited about this whole thing. I hope it all comes together the way we want it to. On Friday, we're going to the Civic Theater to rent costumes that we still need, like the Indian costume. I'm not sure what else we will need. I feel like the club is finally pulling together. The only main problem is that most of the members are over 75 and can't walk. So everyone wants to ride!! I hope to get some pictures to post here to show how things turn out.

So now, the newsletters about the dinner and everything else that's going on with the society for December has been sent out as of today! Now we wait for the dinner reservations to come dribbling in. Heaven forbid anyone answer right away!! LOL

Tonight, I'm off with my dd to a Girl's Night Out Undercover Wear party. Neither of us have any money, but the woman holding the party is her best friends mother. It should be a fun night, and I think my other dd will drop by for awhile after work. There's even supposed to be a bon fire, and it will last until midnight----not sure I'll last that long though! LOL

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