Monday, December 3, 2007

Christmas Parade is over!!

On Sunday, Belleview held their Christmas Parade. The temp was in the 80's!! Our Historical Society float (if that's what you want to call it) came together nicely! In the front for the 1800's we had two pony carts surrounded by Indians and settlers. (One of my dd's was an 1890 woman and her bf was Chief Osceola) Next came the 1920's with a vintage car with flappers and a golfer walking ( my oldest dd was one of the flappers ). The next era was the 1930's with a vintage car with two ladies from the society dressed like gangsters riding and gangsters walking (my ydd and her bf were part of this group). For the 1940's, we had a jeep filled with veterns with people dressed in vintage military costumes walking along. Last but not least was the 1950's. My dh drove our PT Cruiser with the flames and he wore his leather jacket and I dressed like a bobby socker. Of course there were greasers and bobby sockers walking with us.

We found out today that we won the President's Trophy! Not bad for our first time!

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