Monday, January 21, 2008

Can't Find Them!

Have you ever made something then not been able to find it? Awhile back, I crocheted two beautiful tapestry hotpads. Do you think I can find them? Heck no!! I looked through every storage container in my bedroom this morning looking for them. For the life of me I can't remember ever giving them to anyone, but maybe I did! I remember thinking after I finished them, that they were so much work that I was just going to hang on to them for myself. I never do that, but it had taken me awhile to get these done so I coveted them! Shame on me! I guess that's what I get for wanting them so bad. I just joined a tapestry crochet group on Raverly and wanted to take a picture so that I could post them. ( Yes, I forgot to take a picture. How dumb can I be?) I'm so frustrated right now that I could scream!! That's why I'm doing this post. I'm hoping that it will relieve my anger at not being able to remember what I did with them.

On the good side though, I finished my doily with the hearts and pineapples! It is currently hanging in my bathroom drying. Well actually it's laying on this drying round net that is hanging in my bathroom. It's supposed to be used to dry your sweaters I think, but I always use it to dry my doilies! I will get a picture of it to post! It turned out so pretty and it's about 21 1/2 inches across.

Well, guess I'd better go and finish my laundry. Dh didn't leave me enough money to do all of it, but I had assumed that he did. So I did the towels and a couple of blankets in two separate loads, and now I don't have enough to do the sheets and dark clothes. Our landlord put a laundry room out in back of our apartments with 2 washers and 2 dryers in it. I really like that because I hated taking everything to the laundromat.

Let me know if you ever misplaced one of your favorite projects. I'm really hoping that I'm not alone in my frustration. LOL


Aunt Kathy said...

Oh yeah Mary Ann... I misplace everything. I am so unorganized because I try to be organized. Does that make sense?

I baked some muffins for DH today and it took me 20 mins to find the papercup liners... they were right where I out thim, ha but I couldn;t remember where that was. Hahaha

kadezmom said...

I am so right there with you, Mary Ann. The more important it is to me, the less likely I'll be able to find it. I'm especially bad at finding gifts I've made ahead of time........grrrrr.

You'll find them. Granted, it may be at the dumbest time ever, but you'll find them!

I cannot wait to see your doily.

kadezmom said...

I would have said "SOLD" on the doily!!! That is such an awesome compliment.

All is well and safe here.

Congrats on your perfect pink elephant

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