Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dizzy Wednesday

I'm glad you enjoyed my frog story yesterday! Seems like there's never a dull moment with those girls! lol

Today I'm feeling dizzy today. I think my sinus' are bothering me because of the weather today. It's gloomy and grey outside and rain is looming. That always bothers my sinus. Not too much I can do about it. I'm going to take some sinus meds to see if it helps.

Since some nice person sent me the knitting calendar, I decided to make the dishcloth pattern for January which is an elephant. Remember I'm not really a knitter, I'm a wanna be! Really I'm a crocheter! I got it finished last night and took it to my craft club this morning to show everyone. One of the ladies in my club who is a knitter and a crocheter is blind. When I showed her my knitting, she said that for someone who isn't a knitter, it looked darn good to her! She can feel the stitches and felt the raised elephant. Then another lady who is 85 and a knitter told me that I did a good job. So I'm feeling pretty good right now.

I couldn't decide what to take to make at the club today, so I put a ball of #10 thread in my bag, my crochet hooks and a couple of pattern books. When I got to the club, I had to help my friend with the afghan pattern like the one that I made. She wanted to make one like mine and so did my other friend. So then after helping them, a new lady came in and needed help learning to crochet. Of course I helped her! I finally got to look at my books and decided to make a potpourri angel. I had made a few last year and everyone loved them, so I'm making another one. Don't ask me who's getting it or anything, because I really don't have a clue.

Denise is coming over tonight. She wants to watch the new show The Moment of Truth with me. They hook people up to a lie detetor, then ask them questions. I'm thinking that this show is going to end some marriages! I saw a preview where they were asking a man if he would cheat on his wife if she wouldn't find out! Now if he says yes, I'm thinking they have problems! Who knows what other questions they will ask. It should be interesting. Denise even wants to have popcorn, actually kettle corn, while we're watching tv, so I'm saving some of my points (I'm doing Weight Watchers).

Guess I'll go work on my angel now. Don't for get to go to Aunt Kathy's Place, , and enter her cool contest. And check out Kathy and Shelly's stuff at . They really have some nice stuff for sale.

Bye for now!


kadezmom said...

Are you eating enough? Hope you feel better soon, darlin'.

Thanks for your lovely and kind words...not to mention your support. I appreciate it!!!

Aunt Kathy said...

So what did you think of the Moment of Truth? I didn't watch it, just curious if it's a keeper or not. I watch way too much TV, but hey it's my excuse while I sit and knit and crochet. LOL

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