Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Do you have printer problems?

The other day, my youngest dd, Becca, gave me the printer that she had hooked up to the computer in her room. She has moved out, about a year ago, and her sister, Denise, who has been using the computer and bedroom is now moving in with her. Denise is taking the computer, which actually belongs to her sister, Becca, as well as the computer desk, also belonging to sis. But Becca decided that mom should get the printer that she bought since she and her bf have a new computer and printer. Have I totally confused you yet?

I decided to clean up my computer desk and make room for my new printer, scanner, copier. I figured that I would have it installed before Becca came back to visit again. I cleaned off my shelf on my desk only to discover that I'd either have to somehow cut a hole in the back, or run the wires out the front and around to the back of the tower. Since I didn't like either of those options, I went through the wonderful stuff, crochet and knit patterns mostly, that I had on the shelf, then put them all neatly back and proceeded to clean off the top shelf above my monitor.
When I finally got the printer hooked up and the cd installed, Becca showed up. I was so proud of myself for actually finding the right place to plug the printer into on the computer and that I was installing the hardware without any help. That's when the problem occured! It said "Print a test page". It seemed to be working fine, but when the paper dropped----it was blank!! So then Becca took over and tried to troubleshoot the problem. She even downloaded new drivers. I think they may have been updates or something. But I'm still not getting anything on my paper.

I just went to Shelly's blog (http://kadezmom.blogspot.com/ ) where she was talking about ink cartriges that go out of date. So here's my thought~~~~do they go out of date in the computer if they're not used? It doesn't seem possible, but who would have thought that an ink cartridge would go out of date!? It might explain my invisible printing! The printer acts and looks like it's printing, but nothings on the paper. Invisible? Who knows? Just a thought.

She found a customer service number for me to call, but I hate calling. So I'm hoping that she'll do it for me. I know that I'm a wimp. You don't have to tell me. But I'm intimidated by computers! I can use them, but I really don't understand them. Know what I mean?

Ok, guess I'll go work on my afghan, or start my pink elephant dishcloth! Have a great day!


kadezmom said...

ROFLMAO!!! How random! Heck, give me the number and I'll call. I'd love to call hp and ask them if the ink can dry out while in the printer. I wonder how many times I'd get transferred? Maybe it's better if I don't know. How long has it been since the printer has been used?

Good luck!

I say, go to the fiber therapy plan and spend some gooooooood time there!

kadezmom said...

Did you get it figured out?

As for the school thing, I've been fighting the system as part of the system for 12 years now, and let me tell ya, you HAVE to be your child's advocate. A good sense of humor totally helps too!

Hope you are having a great day!

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