Monday, February 4, 2008

After Super Bowl Monday!

The football game got a little boring until it got down to the wire. My dh just didn't want New England to win, and I was routing for Eli Manning. Denise came over with Tim, who was wanting New England to win. Becca came ove with Jerimah just to enjoy the game. We were all getting a good laugh watching my dh get involved in the game, and Tim kept egging him on! All in all it was a lot of fun! So much fun in fact that dh turned the alarm he had set so he could go sell at the flea market off. He tried to tell me that it didn't go off, but I knew it did because I was up when he turned it off.

I have asthma, and I've been doing great lately. But for some reason, all of a sudden last night, I started feeling weezy. I thought it would pass after I used my inhaler, but everyone was gone and I still was the same. I decided to stay up to see if maybe the medicine would kick in and even took the dog out so that I got some fresh cool air. Nothing helped. I went to bed, but I was having a hard time breathing. I did manage to get to sleep, but woke up about 3:30 am feeling very short of breath. So I got up and got out the nebulizer. I'm sure the medicine that goes in it must be out of date, but I figured that I'd give it a try before waking dh up to take me to the emergency room. Happily it worked! I was so relieved! There was no way that I wanted to call an ambulance or go to the hospital, which is what was going through my mind. Now I'm trying to figure out what triggered my attack. I was having fun all day, and I don't remember doing anything that would trigger my asthma. I had gone in the bedroom that Denise moved out of and packed some things, but if dust was the trigger I should have felt it before last night. Guess I'll never know why.

On the good side, Becca came over early to do her laundry and she brought her digital camera. I had asked to to bring it so that I could get pictures of my crochet and knit projects. I belong to Raverly and want to get my projects online. I have pictures of a lot of the things that I've made, but these are some of the newest ones and I had no pictures. Now I just have to wait for her to send them to me and then put them on Flickr and then on Raverly. I wish I could just put them from my computer to Raverly without Flickr. I really hate doing the extra step. I spend enough time online when I get online!

I decided on Saturday that I wanted to make another knit petal dishcloth. Then of course, I couldn't find my pattern! So after emailing Aunt Kathy, I found it online! So then I had to send another email telling her to disregard the first one! At any rate, I finally made another one in Lily Sugar'n Cream Lime Stripes which is a self-striping yarn. It turne out really cool! I love it. When Becca sends me the pics I'll post it.

I'm going to make a 12" square today that's posted on the 12" crochet a block a month club at Raverly. I made the January square, and this one is for February. I'm not a big fan of sewing squares together, but this one is kind of nice.

It's supposed to be really nice here for a couple of days, probably in the 80's. Then it's going to go back to the 70's. On Regis and Kelly this morning they showed that it was snowing in NY. I like the snow, but don't really miss dealing with it. What I really miss is the scarfs, hats, sweaters that I love! If you're in the snow I hope you stay safe and warm. Have a great day!


Aunt Kathy said...

I guess I need to check out your Ravelry page soon, can;t wait to see your new projects.

kadezmom said...

I am so glad you are okay. Wow, how scary. Very glad no trip to the er was necessary. Thanks for the compliment on the skirt. I was feeling a little emotionally naked on that one. Hope things continue to go well with you this week!

kadezmom said...

Heeeeey, we were just cross posting on AK's place!!! How exciting, a sock learning challenge AND you met up with a free form crochet designer. I can't wait to read all about it!

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