Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's hard to believe that it's Valentine's Day already! The time has just flown by since the first of the year. It will be a quiet day around here until the Nascar race this evening. Dh can't wait for it, and I enjoy watching myself. Right now he's got Speed channel on and is watching the cars warming up and testing. This is one of his favorite times of year.

I wrote a big long post the other day and somehow it got lost in cyber space! I don't know what happened, but I hope it doesn't happen again! So here goes!

This morning, I started a pair of fingerless gloves (mitts) on dpn's. I haven't used them in a very long time, maybe 40 yrs!! lol I'm using Paton's Classic Wool-Merino in Rosewood, which is a varigated yarn. An 85 yr old lady from my craft club loaned me the pattern yesterday because I had told her on Tuesday that I wanted to make a pair. She said that she'd never made any, but thought she had a pattern. So now I'm starting my first pair! Now I have to tell you what got me started on this road.

Last week, my yahoo mail was messed up and I was feeling very frustrated. Because of that, I went to Raverly to check things out. There's so much to see there that you can get lost for days! As I was checking out a profile, I saw that this person belonged to a fingerless glove group. My two daughter's like that kind of thing, so I decided to check it out. I ended up joining it! I checked out the crochet patterns and didn't see a lot that I liked. They all looked so basic and blah! So then I checked out the knit patterns and found ones that I liked, but I'm not sure I can do. I was going to vamp up the crocheted pattern to add some pretty pattern stitches, but since I've never made one pair, I wasn't sure where to start! I finally decided to try making a knit pair of basic mitts, then go on to designing my own crocheted ones!

In my frustration, I also joined a crocheted socks group, and a flowers group, where I met someone who is willing to help me learn free form crochet! So now I'm learning to make fingerless mitts, need to make crocheted socks, and have a challenge to do for the free form crochet! Not to mention that I'm putting the final row on my second tapestry crochet hot pad (tapestry crochet is also a group that I belong to at Raverly). So I think that I will have enough to keep me busy, provided I stay off of the computer and away from Raverly! Both of these are very hard to do, and it's never only a few minutes on either!

Guess I should get going so that I can work on my mitt! It's almost lunch time already and I don't have much done yet!


Aunt Kathy said...

Well MaryAnn now you know how my days go, LOL... between WW and Ravelry I can be online all day long, LOL.

Can't wait to see your fingerless gloves

Maybe you saved your last blog instead of publishing it. I did that once

kadezmom said...

Darlin', that's quite a line up you have going on there! Who is your driver? Were you happy with how the duals turned out? I've saved truck qualifying to listen to as I go to sleep tonight. I must be sick, but I find it just lulls me right to sleep. Gotta love the roar of the engines. And wasn't it great to hear ole DW get so wound up and happy/excited with the Boogity!!!! See, I just rechilled my spine with it. Ah, the excitement is just beginning!

Sally said...

I love Ravelry too and get clogged up on there so long I don't get anything done at Sounds like you've got your hands full too!!

Have fun with those mitts. I was looking for patterns for those myself, though I only crochet. Knitting just takes me much too long!

Thanks for visiting my blog. I used Carol Ventura's pattern for my tapestry hat

Ms Knits said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yep, it's true. It seemed like needlework brings out the chatty side of people. ;)

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