Monday, February 18, 2008

Smells like something may be wrong!

The smell is coming from my computer! It smells like something is overheating or burning or something. So if you don't see me online, it's probably because my computer went ker put!! Guess I should call my sil and tell him. Maybe he can make it down here sometime soon to take a look at it. He knows computers! Unlike myself, who can do some things but don't have a clue about others!

On to more pleasant things. I made my first pair of knit fingerless mitts! I had a little trouble on the thumb, but the nice ladies at Raverly gave me the help I needed. My dd, Denise, loved them so much that I gave them to her. Actually I was thinking of her when I made them, but I was prepared for her not to like them. The second mitt worked up faster than the first and I had no trouble with the thumb. Then I found a crocheted version and made them. They're pretty, but a little big. I need to modify them. I think I may use a different yarn.

Today I started a second pair of the knitted mitts. I remembered that I had promised my friend that I would show her what I had made. But I gave them away before showing her!! Yikes!! So this morning I started a new pair. I have the first one done and plan on doing the second one tonight.

I've also started another tapestry crochet hot pad. This one has flowers. I'm doing it in cream, green, pink. I love making these now!!

Guess I 'd better get knitting or my mitts won't be done tomorrow. Bye for now!

1 comment:

kadezmom said...

You are such a riot! I love it. I often promise pictures, then forget as well. Love it! Hope it isn't terminal with your computer!

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