Saturday, February 23, 2008

Day of Caring

Today was Day of Caring and Deb picked me up at 7 am to go over to the Civic League Bldg. I'm so not a morning person!! lol I had planned on hopping into the shower when I got up to try to wake myself up, but I woke up to thunder! So I scraped that idea. Lockhead Martin sponsors the Historical Society and helps us spruce up the bldg. Today two of the men put down a new floor and linelioum in the bathroom along with a new toilet! Now we can't see the ground from where the pipes come into the bathroom. hehe We also cleaned all the wood with wood cleaner (that was one of my jobs), swept (which didn't help much because everyone kept coming in with wet feet), and after the rain finally stopped azalae's were planted and brush cleared. The place looks so much better! The outside has been beautified and cleared of all the overgrowth (at least most of it). The only bad part was that after drinking coffee and water, everyone had to go to the bathroom and it was out of service! lol Deb, JoAnn and I came over here to use my bathroom and others went to McDonalds!! Needless to say everyone was happy when the bathroom was back in working order!

Everything was going well, and we were clearing the tables to clean them for lunch. As I walked around the end of one of the tables, I caught my foot on the push broom and fell hard flat on my face!! It really stunned me. After a minute, that seemed longer, I turned over and got help up from members who heard me fall. They got me ice for my head and checked my eyes. Now I have a big knot just above my nose by my eyebrow and a cut on the bridge of my nose from my glasses! Even the back of the top of my head is sore. My glasses didn't break, thank goodness! They made me sit with the ice for what seemed like forever to me. My nose hurt more than my head! I was even served my lunch because Deb didn't want me up walking! After lunch, I got back to work. I'm sore all over, especially my neck and shoulders, and left wrist. My tailbone is tightening up, so I keep getting up and moving. I don't want to get stiff, but I'm sure I will be tomorrow. My nose still hurts!

I am such a clutz!! It was nice seeing that the people in the society were worried about me though. Deb called a little while ago to make sure I was ok. She said that she'd call me tomorrow. That's nice.

So that was my day! Never a dull moment! LOL

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kadezmom said...

okay, I am so your soul sister! Welcome to the club, sorry it has such a painful entrance fee, but ya know, we all must have standards!

Seriously, I'm glad you are okay. Youch comes to mind. Don't forget the ibprofin.......this is what that stuff was made for! I can only imagine how much better it all looked spruced up!

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